Temporary tattoo - 2 weeks


Free tattoo 
Unlimited designs

Non-binding - Inexpensive - Non-toxic


🛒Sold: 8.882 sets/month

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💸SALE OFF: 999 PHP/Set

💵Original: 2.000 PHP

Fresh ink color - Long lasting 
 No fading - Easy washing

Product details

Using biotechnology to color the skin, providing you with vivid tattoo patterns.

Long-lasting, can last about 1-2 weeks under normal bathing conditions.

Various colors, close to the effect of tattoos, mild ingredients, low allergy rate

Cannot be washed off directly, does not fade in water, fades away according to skin metabolism

Product Condition: 100% Brand New

Product type: Tattoo ink

Ingredients: Liquid

Optional colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Tattoo

Bottle capacity: 10ml

and 100+ tattoo designs 




Full 3 color ink boxes


Temporary tattoo - 2 weeks

Note: We will call you back to confirm your order, please pay attention to the phone during office hours. Sincerely thank!


999 PHP / 1 set + Free SHIP COD
1399 PHP / 2 set + Free SHIP COD
1999 PHP / 3 set + Free SHIP COD

(The store will contact you once you have filled in the order information above!)

Feedback from client after use

Ferdian Pratama

The product is very good, I have been using it for 16 days and the tattoo is still very clear.
always support the shop

Agung Permana

I was afraid to go to the tattoo shop, but when I use this product, I can enjoy tattooing

Maya May

There are many beautiful tattoos, I love this, thank you shop

The shop is very attentive, the tattoo is very beautiful, I have used it for more than 20 days but the tattoo is very beautiful, very convenient

Yeni Febriyanti

Muhammad Irfan Hilmy

My friend always compliments me on my very nice tattoo and asks me which salon to get my tattoo done, it's so beautiful and lasts a long time, I love this

Ato Agons 

I look so cool and handsome, that's my friend's compliment when he saw my tattoo



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